Wi-Fi Throughout the Campsite

Capocamping has introduced a new feature for 2024 - Wi-Fi access throughout the campsite! This innovation will allow you to stay connected throughout your stay and share your best photos with family or friends! It also enables remote work or online entertainment.

Gaming Room and Teen Zone

Older children are not forgotten; we have set up a Gaming and Teen Zone with 2 free PlayStation consoles, a Bluetooth speaker, and comfortable sofas.

Fitness Room

After recharging with a dip in the pool or a slide down the water slide, why not engage in some physical activity? Discover our new fully equipped fitness room by Capocamping!

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New Expansion of the Aquatic Park: The Pirate Ship for Children

We are excited to announce the expansion of our aquatic park at Camping Les Terrasses du Lac, with the spectacular addition of a new Pirate Ship for children! This new attraction, tempered for optimal comfort, promises unforgettable adventures for our young visitors. Designed as a true haven of fun, the Pirate Ship includes wading pools, water jets, and mini-slides, offering a variety of water activities suitable for children. This new playful and safe space is the perfect place for the little ones to have fun, explore, and experience magical moments under the theme of piracy, while enjoying the coolness of the water. The expansion of the aquatic park and the addition of this Pirate Ship are part of our commitment to offering a rich and entertaining family holiday experience at Camping Les Terrasses du Lac.

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