The Millau Viaduct:

Are you looking for a campsite close to the Millau Viaduct?

If the viaduct was built in 3 years, the study of the project lasted 14 years. It started in 1987. The last link of the A75 motorway, the Millau Viaduct is undoubtedly the most important of this motorway. It cost 400 million euros, and is guaranteed for 120 years. Construction: 3 years for one heavy and long Site!
The first stone was laid on December 14, 2001. December 16, 2004: the viaduct was put into service.

With a total length of 2460 meters, two bank spans of 204 meters 6 current spans of 342 meters, the Eiffel Tower can be kept lying between two piles. The apron is suspended by cables from pylons, the apron is 32 meters wide, the equivalent of 17 men with outstretched arms, and this represents 36,000 tonnes, or approximately 5,100 African elephants. The 7 steel piles making up the Viaduct were installed in just 3 months, the P2 is the tallest pile in the world with a height of 245 meters. If we count Pile + pylon we arrive at the world record of height of 343 meters! 19 meters more than the Eiffel Tower! In total there are 154 Guy lines including 11 pairs per Pylon.

The entire site represents 206,000 tonnes of concrete, the equivalent of 5 full Charles de Gaulle aircraft carriers!

In addition to this colossal construction site, there was also to add, the toll barrier, then extension of it, and also the Brocuéjouls rest area as well as the Viaduct info space, where the Viaduct expo is accessible to the public (space of 220 m2, where the universe of this giant of concrete and steel is cut out to be explained, in an immersive show, augmented model, virtual reality headset, several ways are increased tenfold.

A guided tour of the underside of the Viaduct is possible by reservation and lasts about 40 minutes at a ridiculous price. On your way towards Aveyron you will find 6 essential views of the Viaduct:

- 1. Cap de Costes-brunas
- 2. Belvedere of Luzençon
- 3. Listed village of Peyre
- 4. Area of ​​the Millau Viaduct
- 5. The Lerouge bridge
- 6. Terrace of the Millau Belfry

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