Pont de Salars

Exploring Pont de Salars: A Historical and Natural Gem in Aveyron

Pont de Salars, a charming French commune located in Aveyron, Occitanie, is a place steeped in history and natural beauty. Once part of the province of Rouergue, the town is now the most important chief town of Lévézou in terms of population. It is bathed by the Viaur river and is situated at the crossroads of the breathtaking landscapes of the Massif Central, offering an idyllic setting for lovers of nature and history.

The Medieval Sarcophagus

A notable feature of Pont de Salars is its medieval sarcophagus carved into the rock, located north of the fortified church of St Georges de Camboulas. This tomb, probably intended for an adult, was never used for its initial purpose and is said to have been used as a bath for children. This historical curiosity provides a fascinating glimpse into the medieval past of the commune.

Sites and Monuments

The architectural heritage of Pont de Salars includes historical monuments such as the bridge of Saint-Georges de Camboulas, registered in 1978, and the church of Saint-Georges, registered in 1987. These historical sites bear witness to the cultural and architectural richness of the region and are major points of interest for visitors.

Nature and Leisure

The commune is surrounded by beautiful natural landscapes, including two reservoir lakes: Lake Bage and Lake Pont-de-Salars. The latter, about 6 kilometers long, offers equipped beaches like the Moulinoches beach and the Rousselleries beach, ideal for relaxation and water leisure activities.

Hiking and Exploration

Pont de Salars is a paradise for hikers, with trails that cross the varied landscapes of the Massif Central. The diversity of the terrain and the richness of the local fauna and flora make each hike a unique adventure.

Practical Information

To visit Pont de Salars and its surroundings, it is advisable to inquire about the opening hours of historical sites and the conditions of access to lakes and beaches. Local guides may also be available for thematic tours or guided hikes, offering an enriching and educational experience.

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