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Pont de Salars .... This small French town located in the department of L’Aveyron, is part of the former province of Rouergue. It is currently the most important town in Lévézou in terms of population. It is crossed by the Viaur river.

Several sites of interest are worth a detour during a stroll, including the Church of St Georges Camboulas which was built on the banks of the Viaur by the monks of St-Victor of Marseille. It looks like a feudal castle, it has the function of Defense, since there is a first rampart before arriving at the Château de Camboulas which is also close to the Viaur River.

The Sarcophagus meanwhile located north of the fortified church of St Georges de Camboulas, is medieval and carved into the rock, it was certainly a tomb intended for an adult, who would never have served, but who would have been used as a bath for children.

On your way, you can find the Oratory, just before the church, but also the bridge, the church of Notre Dame de Poujol, the Chapel of Salars, the Rousselleries Beach (located not far from the campsite), as well as the Nautical base of Anse du lac.

At the edge of the campsite you will find the Lac de Pont de Salars which is part of all the lakes of Lévézou, in the center of the Aveyron department, 40 km from Millau and 25 km from Rodez. It is about 6 km long and 150 to 200 meters wide. The Pont-de-Salars dam is of the arch type, with a height of 38.50 m and a crest length of 183 m.

Today, operated by EDF, the Pont-de-Salars lake contributes to the reputation of the Lévézou territory; with the presence of
tourist accommodation, and the possibility of doing tourist and leisure activities (swimming, fishing, bases and water sports) which attract a large audience.
In addition, in the surroundings, numerous hiking trails are available.

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