Children’s entertainment

Adventure and Discovery for Our Young Campers at Pont de Salars

At Camping Les Terrasses du Lac, we are thrilled to offer an exciting range of activities for children. Designed to enrich your little ones’ experience during their holidays in Aveyron, our activities are the perfect opportunity for them to have fun, learn, and make new friends. Each activity is thoughtfully created to bring joy and creativity, ensuring unforgettable memories for your children in a safe and friendly environment.

Kids/Teens Club

Younger children will be delighted to meet in the morning at the "Kids Club" (ages 5 to 12), and older children can compete in the afternoon in ping-pong tournaments, foosball, treasure hunts, etc...

You will find near our pétanque field, our bouncy castle which will please the little ones... As for the older ones, they can compete on our multi-sports field!

Our Animation Team

The animation team at Camping Les Terrasses du Lac in Pont de Salars is the vibrant heart of our community. Passionate and dynamic, they are dedicated to making your stay unforgettable. Each team member brings their own enthusiasm and creativity to create varied and entertaining animations for all ages. From organizing fun activities for children to setting up events for adults and families, our animators ensure that every day spent at the campsite is filled with joy, laughter, and memorable moments.


The playground at Camping Les Terrasses du Lac in Pont de Salars is a paradise for children. Designed for safety and fun, this area offers a variety of games and equipment where children can climb, slide, and explore freely. It’s the perfect place for little campers to expend their energy, develop their imagination, and make new friends. Surrounded by the beautiful nature of Aveyron, our playground is a space of happiness and adventure for every child visiting our campsite.

Our Bouncy Castle

The bouncy castle at Camping Les Terrasses du Lac in Pont de Salars is an endless source of fun for children. Colorful, safe, and spacious, it offers little ones a fascinating play space where they can jump, bounce, and experience fantastic adventures. This playful structure is a favored meeting place for children, allowing them to have fun under the Aveyron sun while developing their coordination and social skills. The laughter and joy of children playing in the bouncy castle add a touch of magic to the atmosphere of the campsite.

Multi-sport Field

At Camping Les Terrasses du Lac in Pont de Salars, our multi-sport and volleyball fields offer the perfect place for sports enthusiasts and outdoor activity lovers. Whether you are passionate about football, basketball, or volleyball, these versatile spaces are designed for hours of play and friendly competition. It’s a fantastic opportunity to stay fit, have fun, and connect with other campers, all in a natural and friendly setting. Come and enjoy these facilities for a dose of sport and fun during your holidays.

Gaming Room

At Camping Les Terrasses du Lac in Pont de Salars, we also think of teenagers and video game enthusiasts. Our gaming room is specially designed for them, equipped with two free PlayStation consoles, a Bluetooth speaker for immersive sound, and comfortable sofas for hours of relaxation and fun. This space is the perfect place to meet friends, unwind, and enjoy the latest games in a friendly and modern setting.

Games Room of the Bar Restaurant

The games room of the bar-restaurant at Camping Les Terrasses du Lac in Pont de Salars is a real playground for children. With a selection of games suitable for all ages, it’s the perfect place for young ones to have fun safely. They can challenge each other in foosball, escape in a car game, or test their skills at pool. It’s a perfect space for moments of joy and entertainment, where children can play and laugh while being close to their parents relaxing at the bar-restaurant.

More Activities Around Us with Our Partners!

At Camping Les Terrasses du Lac in Pont de Salars, in addition to the many activities available on-site, we are proud to collaborate with local partners to offer even more leisure options to our campers. These external activities, ranging from water sports to outdoor adventures, are easily accessible from the campsite. Our partners are chosen for their expertise and commitment to quality, ensuring enriching and memorable experiences for the whole family. Fully enjoy the extraordinary nature of Aveyron with these diverse and exciting activities.

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